Wish me luck 🎾

Let’s give JustCast a little support ✌️ // via IndieHackers

Just a gentle reminder that @warner released an album this week and if you’re a micro-blogger reading this, why not give it a listen? 🎵

I really enjoyed it, it made me do this:

Summer solstice // 21.06.2022

“Everyone just wants to fit in.

It took me a while to realise that I wasn’t meant to fit in…

Eventually, I had to learn to stand ten toes deep in my own light.”

  • Israel Adesanya

Editing an episode of Diary of an Indie Writer this afternoon, for the first time in more than 100 days 🎙️

What a treat to be watching Djokovic vs Nadal in a Grand Slam all these years later.

It could be 2012 watching these guys still slugging it out, rather than 2022 🎾

I’m enjoying listening to an episode of the Stepping Off Now podcast this afternoon.

The science-informed but subjective-experience-based dialogue offers a delightful balance.

🔉E62: Matthew Bellringer on Neurodiversity (ADHD & HSP) and Creativity

A current glimpse inside my Spotify app.

Because why not?

I didn’t ever think, after that Aguero moment in 2012, that there would be a Premier League finale like that again in my lifetime. I’ve been switching between the City and Liverpool games this afternoon.

After losing the Madrid game in unbelievable fashion a couple of weeks ago, and now being 2-0 down in the second half today being in the driving seat for the title for so long, I don’t think these fans were expecting this. Another 3-2 final-day title win! A rollercoaster of emotions.

Understandable scenes of delirium at The Etihad.

Football. Bloody hell.

Listening to Lady Gaga whilst filling out Fizzle’s ‘Business sketch template’ (a one-page business plan) is where I’m at this rainy morning. Alejandro, if you’re wondering 🎵

UK freelancers & Ltd company owners… who do you do your business banking with, and would you recommend them?

Is there a way to fix GoogleDrive’s “Sorry, you have exceeded your sharing quota” error?

I sent out a bunch of invitations to “edit” documents. The standard “log out, clear cache, incognito window” fix isn’t working.

At worst (I hope), I’ll have to wait 24 hours, but I thought someone here on micro.blog might know a magical fix :) Thanking you in advance.

What do folks use to organise their (digital) notes?

(asking for a friend whose name rhymes with Bas)

A walk with the family through the Hampton Court Palace grounds this weekend.

Apparently, they filmed scenes for Bridgerton here. I feel very dashing.

I watched the first episode of The Dropout on Disney+ this evening, about the “Theranos” affair. Nicely put-together and Amanda Seyfried is v. compelling as the lead (Elizabeth Holmes). Lots I didn’t know about this story. I’ve heard good things about The Dropout (podcast), too.

Morning coffee before a day-trip to Manchester yesterday

Stretching my legs away from the laptop this afternoon

I’m looking for a simple, free alternative to GoogleDocs.

Ideally not requiring guests to login to view/contribute to documents.

Does anyone know of such a tool?