UK freelancers & Ltd company owners… who do you do your business banking with, and would you recommend them?

Is there a way to fix GoogleDrive’s “Sorry, you have exceeded your sharing quota” error?

I sent out a bunch of invitations to “edit” documents. The standard “log out, clear cache, incognito window” fix isn’t working.

At worst (I hope), I’ll have to wait 24 hours, but I thought someone here on might know a magical fix :) Thanking you in advance.

What do folks use to organise their (digital) notes?

(asking for a friend whose name rhymes with Bas)

A walk with the family through the Hampton Court Palace grounds this weekend.

Apparently, they filmed scenes for Bridgerton here. I feel very dashing.

I watched the first episode of The Dropout on Disney+ this evening, about the “Theranos” affair. Nicely put-together and Amanda Seyfried is v. compelling as the lead (Elizabeth Holmes). Lots I didn’t know about this story. I’ve heard good things about The Dropout (podcast), too.

Morning coffee before a day-trip to Manchester yesterday

Stretching my legs away from the laptop this afternoon

I’m looking for a simple, free alternative to GoogleDocs.

Ideally not requiring guests to login to view/contribute to documents.

Does anyone know of such a tool?

Undone is one of the best things I’ve watched. The story, the animation, the characters… everything.

Since I’ve discovered (and re-binged) it, I’ve been patiently waiting for season 2 to arrive for a couple of years now; every so often googling “Undone Season 2”, and wondering whether it would ever arrive.

It’s finally on Amazon Prime! I’ve not been this excited for a second season since… hmm, possibly Prison Break.

My bus terminated one stop early this morning, which means I had to walk leisurely over the bridge… a blessing in disguise 🔆

A friend from the Indie London community, James McKinven, makes beautiful wallets.

He not only sent me a special, upside-down-cat limited edition wallet, but sent me a second one too, with a lovely little note + sweets + pure joy.

To use Michael Scott’s words… “my heart is very full”.

I took a mini-adventure into East London for a day of lighter work, sitting outside, then food and an indiebeers meetup. My second time there; some interesting people met and thoughtful conversations had.

I took some photos this morning as I ambled towards my working spot.

I was considering going to the Fury v Whyte weigh-in on Friday, unfortunately it’s a bit of a mission to get to & smack bang in the middle of the day. Looking forward to this one, especially after seeing how cool & calm Dillian looks. I think Saturday eve will be explosive. 🥊

Currently reading through the comments under Medium’s various launches on Product Hunt.

The last version (3.0) was launched nearly 5 years ago back in 2017 //

I’m curious to know how people feel about the blogging platform these days…

welcome to east london

After staying up into the early hours watching the NBA playoffs (Bucks coming through against the Bulls in a tighter-than-expected Game 1), I got myself to the gym earlier, and then met up with my brother for a sunny afternoon of walking and a pub lunch in his neck of the woods.

I just completed my first short lesson on Bubble and built a simple “search a place on a map” prototype.

Four minutes it took. Let me tell you, as a non-coder, this is wild. I feel like an excited little kid who can now create magical little things I, or others, can use.

I’m very much looking forward to the release of @manton’s “Indie Microblogging” book.

It was something I loved the look of when I first stumbled across the cosy corner of the web that is microblog, and I’ll love to read what’s in Manton’s mind and heart about this stuff.

I’ve just discovered, a no-code project. It’s quite amazing!

blimey, this Elon Musk twitter offer feels like a pivotal moment for the (short-form) written web…

When Muhammad Ali allegedly didn’t pass the aptitude tests required for military service, America’s newspapers ran the story on their front pages.

His reply?

“I said I was the greatest,” spoke Ali, “not the smartest.”

I was riding the escalator today and just… looked up (top).

I later thought I’d catch the ceiling from a different view, and… wow (bottom).

Today I learned: 1) sometimes it’s nice to look up, and 2) shopping malls can be magical. Just takes a moment’s pause once in a while…

Gazing out of bus windows reminds me of teenage Jas’s morning commute to school once upon a time.