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I've decided to re-join Fizzle.

I’ve decided to re-join Fizzle, a place with courses and a close-knit community of bloggers and creators.

It’s still the best ‘place’, online or IRL (in real life), that I’ve found for bloggers and other creators who want to make money as solopreneurs.

I was last a member there a couple of years ago, during which I started IntrovertJedi, the blog that would later become INF Club, and one I posted to weekly for 2 years between 2019 and 2021.

Now I’m working on ‘The Indie Writer, which I’m treating more intentionally as a business rather than (just) a fun side-project. A Fizzle membership feels like a worthwhile investment and commitment to keep me up-to-speed, on-track and accountable.

I’m currently (re)taking the ‘Start a blog that matters’ course, and there are others I also have my eye one - not to mention the brilliant Fizzle Roadmap.

ps. Fizzle also has a library of free resources, in the form of a blog and podcast (I was a podcast listener before I became a member for the first time). For those interested in membership, you get a 10-day free trial. Here’s my referral link.