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My favourite blogs and newsletters of 2021.

In no particular order, these are the blogs I enjoyed reading last year:

1) 📝 A Purple Life
A blog documenting Purple’s journey to and through early retirement.

2) 📝 McKinven’s Musings
A blog documenting James’s journey as an indie maker / podcater / leather wallet merchant.

3) 📝 My Long Covid Diaries
A blog documenting Jasmine’s journey of diagnosis, understanding of and recovery from Long Covid.

4) 📝 Maneetpaul’s newsletter
Maneetpaul’s journey as he grows his youtube channel, and the things he’s reading and learning along the way.

5) 📝 Micropreneur Life
A blog documenting Ignacio’s life as a micropreneur and digital nomad.

6) 📝 Matt’s blog (by @thebaer)
Matt Baer’s essays on keeping humanity in software and business; thoughts on building Write.as, travel, and some personal things in between.