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If you tweet regularly, why not blog (instead)?

Whilst scribbling down my favourite blogs and newsletters from 2021, I got to thinking…

I can’t help but feel that some (many?) of the indie makers and creatives I’ve been following on twitter, and whose journeys/stories I’ve become somewhat invested in, would find it worthwhile to start a weekly blog.

I’m thinking of some of the folks I follow on twitter who are ‘building in public’ or are other regular tweeters.

By starting a (weekly) blog:

At worst: you’ll have a thoughtful space to ‘journal’ each week

At best: (if you choose to send out a newsletter too) you’ll have a thoughtful place to journal and build your own platform. #indie

I know what you might be thinking… *“Yet another thing on my plate? I simply won’t have the time.”*

Tbh, with the ‘tweeting habit’ you’ve built already (e.g. you could easily re-use or re-purpose your existing tweets into a weekly post), and the tools now available, this might be easier than you think. Tools like Substack or Revue, which will let you have an all-in-one blog and newsletter (hit publish to upload to your blog and send the post out to email subscribers)

Or alternatively tools like Write.As or Micro.blog, which are both simple, minimal blogging platforms where you can post your writing and have it automatically sent to email or RSS subscribers.

Hasn’t it felt much ‘nicer’ to read this post, rather than a twitter thread?

I’ve certainly enjoyed writing and sharing it with you this way, rather than via tweets.

Some food for thought, perhaps.