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Rafa wins the Australian Open vs Medvedev

Another incredible Australian Open Men’s Final earlier… nearly five-and-a-half-hours in length, and the second longest ever (after that Djokovic vs Nadal final).

I’ve never witnessed a Slam final being won by someone 2 sets down. 10 years difference between Nadal and Medvedev, and Rafa wasn’t even sure he’d be playing for much longer a few months ago, with his injury troubles. My body couldn’t hack the whole marathon match (I needed to move, and the match was intense), so I nipped to the gym during the 4th set, and got back for the 5th to witness history being made with the fightback, and Rafa making it to 21 Grand Slam titles, and edging in front of Djokovic and Federer (each on 20). With Roland Garros on the way, I wouldn’t bet against him making it 22.

This must be my favourite Slam of the year. What an era it’s been with the ‘golden four’ of Federer, Nadal, Djokovic & Murray. Incredible that these guys are still doing it well into their thirties. I can’t see Medvedev not winning a handful of his own titles over the coming years - his hard court dominance and mental steel reminds me of Djokovic’s. Which makes Nadal’s win, and fightback, today even more impressive. Astonishing.