Jasraj Hothi

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Jasraj's list of co-living spaces

A place to document my previous stays, and plan my future ones.

Places I’ve visited

  • Nine Coliving (📍 northern Tenerife): My first co-living (and ‘digital nomad’) experience, I stayed for a month and had a great time with Anne & co at the beautiful big house

  • Ponta do Sol village (part of the “digital nomad initiative” in 📍 Madeira, Portugal): I spent two months there, in the first year of a new initiative and a thriving nomad / expat / settling community in Madeira, with clusters emerging all over the island and “core communities” in Ponta do Sol, Funchal and Machico

Places I’m interested in

  • Sende (📍 Galicia, northern Spain)

  • Anceu (📍 Galicia, northern Spain)

  • Sun and Co (📍 Location: Javea, Spain)

  • Kalart (📍 Montseny, rural Barcelona, Spain)

  • Kotor Nest (📍 Kotor, Montenegro)

  • Flamingo (📍 Location: Santa Marta, Colombia)