I don’t watch as much football these days, but Chelsea v Real Madrid this week and Man City v Liverpool this afternoon both served up a treat. A brilliant game today, end-to-end, proper top-of-table clash. Nothing like relaxing with a good match on a Sunday afternoon.

The Indie Writer has… gone fishin’ 🎣

I finished watching Season 2 of The Crown this week, the end of the Claire Foy and Matt Smith era.

One of the best things I’ve watched on Netflix. A wonderful script, storytelling and acting. I genuinely wanted to stand and applaud at the end of a couple of the episodes.

As someone who rarely drinks, I took reassurance, strength even, upon learning this week that Muhammad Ali would often stick to orange juice and - on celebratory occasion - would ask the barman for a coke served with a drop of whisky. 🍹

Back in the day, a “(we)blog” was a personal space/diary you wrote to for the sheer joy of it.

To start a “blog”, according to google, is to start a site from which you can make money around.

I’m continuing to mull this over, but the distinction here is very important indeed.

Pondering a simple place to host my writing community.

Comment +R for Reddit, or +S for Slack, or +E for elsewhere*

*if you vote elsewhere, pls tell me where :)

Drafting + working on my new site this afternoon 💻☕

I’ve just stumbled across Penzu, a private “online diary and personal journal” for your writing, and I’m intrigued.

📖 Mindwandering // Moshe Bar

Is there sometimes a delay to posts on micro.blog appearing on your personal domain?

My post from 3:33 today still isn’t appearing at jasraj.micro.blog/…

// cc @manton @jean

Updated and re-sharing: Coliving with Jas: A European adventure in June 2022 ✈️🏠

Join my “co-living house” for a month in Crete? (start: April 18th) 🏡🏝️

Frazzled by travel ✈️ write.as/jasraj

Morning news write.as/jasraj

A Mother’s Day exhibition write.as/jasraj

Spontaneous weekend co-working write.as/jasraj

A lighter week / Friday ☀️ jasraj.paperwebsite.com

A lighter week / Thursday ☀️ jasraj.paperwebsite.com

Stumbling across a Joe Wicks book signing @ Waterstones earlier

The more we experience the ‘human’ in humanity, (the more) we experience our true nature… and we feel deeply alive.

  • Tony Robbins (I Am Not Your Guru)

Just finished up the “closing party” for the Introvert Writer Summit, with my co-host Lauren Sapala.

A warm and fitting way to close out the summit in the company of introvert friends around the world.

Watching UFC London last night, at a regular evening time I’m not used to. A great night for the Brits - keen to see where Paddy Pimblett and Tom Aspinall go from here. The former’s energy is infectious, and I think the latter is destined for good things in the sport.

Last night…

A cosy pub in southwest London, three creator friends, and the start of a new mastermind group (my first in-person one for 6 years!).

Feels like the start of something special 🤗